# Router

I use Nuxt, so I don't do a lot of configuration when it comes to Vue Router. But there are some functions that I use that might be helpful to copy and paste down the road. (Use $router without this when using in the template html)

  • this.$router.go(-1) will take you back to the previous route page that you were on
  • this.$router.push('/') will take you to the root route
  • this.$router.params.name will give you the name of the page/route you are in
  • this.$router.query.id will give you the query value in the URL. Ex. returns foo for domain.com/pages?id=foo

# Watch Route Change

It is helpful sometimes to watch whenever a route changes. Route changes does not reload a webpage, so if you want an action to run, or something to update whenever a route changes, use the following code:

watch: {
  $route(to, from) {
    // do something when you switch from one page to another

Or you can watch a change in the route query by using the following:

watch: {
  '$route.query.id': function(id) {
    // do something when the ?id=* changes in the URL
Last Updated: 4/11/2020, 8:17:25 AM